The Foundation has chosen educational programs via scholarships as the major vehicles for creating a living memorial to Ruth and Jesse Owens, in part because of Jesse's own reliance on financial aid as a student, but also because the need for scholarships and educational assistance for underprivileged young people will never be satisfied.

The Foundation recognizes that many organizations, including colleges and universities, offer scholarships to needy students, particularly if they have distinguished themselves academically or in one of the major sports. But few, if any, scholarship funds seek out students specifically because they have succeeded in spite of obstacles they have faced, and whose success shows clear promise of future leadership and excellence. These students may be outstanding athletes in the minor sports (as Jesse was) or not athletes at all. Although an individual may meet all the criteria for acceptance, scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis.

Should you become the choice of the Scholarship Selection Committee, the following conditions will exist:

1 The Ruth & Jesse Owens Scholars Program will award a scholarship up to $2,000 for a one-year period to you at The Ohio State University. Should you elect to discontinue your education at any time, your scholarship award may be forfeited. You may apply for renewal of your scholarship upon demonstrated successful completion of the first post-secondary school year, and for up to three consecutive years thereafter.
2 Academic progress will be monitored by the University via a copy of courses and grades each quarter.

The Ruth & Jesse Owens scholarship will be awarded to graduating seniors who have:

  • Attained at least a 2.5 average of academic achievement and pursued a solid core of academic courses
  • Shown sound character and life purpose as evidenced by participation in extracurricular and/or community-serving activities
  • Been accepted to The Ohio State University.
  • Accept and participate in support programs offered by the Ruth & Jesse Owens Scholars Program.

Documents to be filed for scholarship consideration are:

  • The results of either the Financial Aid Form (FAF) or the Family Financial Statement (FFS)
Applicants will have demonstrated-through academic achievement, athletics, community service, or in other ways-that they have the courage to overcome personal, family or social circumstances, and that the scholarship assistance provided by the Ruth & Jesse Owens Scholars Program will enable them to realize their leadership potential in the future. Although the Program recognizes that leadership takes many forms, the promise of leadership the Program is seeking should be consistent with the example set by Ruth & Jesse Owens throughout their lives.


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